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10PCS 14K 18K Gold Filled Rubber Screw Clip-On Earring Converter Findings Components Pads White Gold Rose Gold Silver

10PCS 14K 18K Gold Filled Rubber Screw Clip-On Earring Converter Findings Components Pads White Gold Rose Gold Silver

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Effortlessly transform your beloved earrings into clip-ons with our premium set of 10 rubber screw converters, crafted with both 14K and 18K gold fillings. Available in classic white, delicate rose, and sleek silver options, these versatile findings are designed to seamlessly complement any earring style you adore. Experience the comfort and security of clip-on earrings with these top-quality components, ensuring you can flaunt your favorite earrings with confidence and ease.

Unlock a world of possibilities with our exclusive collection of rubber screw converters, offering the perfect solution for converting your cherished earrings into convenient clip-ons. Made with exquisite 14K and 18K gold fillings, these converters provide a luxurious touch to your jewelry ensemble. With options available in timeless white, romantic rose, and chic silver, these findings effortlessly blend with any earring style, elevating your accessorizing game to new heights. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to stylish versatility with these high-quality components.

Elevate your earring experience with our deluxe set of 10 rubber screw converters, meticulously crafted with the finest 14K and 18K gold fillings. Whether you prefer classic white, charming rose, or sophisticated silver, our converters offer the perfect match for every earring style. Enjoy the freedom to wear your favorite earrings as clip-ons, without compromising on comfort or security. Upgrade your jewelry collection today and indulge in the luxury of effortless accessorizing with our premium components.


Type: Clip-On Earring Converters
Material: 14K/18K Gold Filled, Silver
Size: 13*9 mm
Color: Gold, White Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
Qty: 10pcs/bag
Package: Bag

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