Brand Story

Crafting Success: The DOKI DECOR Journey of Growth and Excellence

From humble beginnings to a global presence, DOKI DECOR has carved its path as a leader in the jewelry findings industry. Founded by Jennie and Wen, our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to provide unparalleled quality and service to jewelry makers worldwide.

With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, DOKI DECOR rapidly expanded its operations. Starting from our headquarters in New York and China, we strategically established warehouses in California, Illinois, and New York, allowing us to efficiently serve customers across the United States. This expansion not only increased our logistical capabilities but also solidified our presence in key markets, catering to a diverse range of clientele.

In addition to our robust presence in the United States, DOKI DECOR extends its reach to customers across the globe. From Canada to the United Kingdom, Germany to France, and Singapore to Malaysia, we're proud to serve jewelry makers in every corner of the world. Our commitment to excellence knows no borders, and our dedication to delivering top-quality products and exceptional service remains unwavering.

As we continue to grow and thrive on the international stage, we strive to provide a seamless and personalized experience for every customer, regardless of their locations, we ensure that every order is delivered promptly and securely to our valued customers.

This dedication to service has earned us the trust of over 50,000 jewelry sellers and artisans, cementing our reputation as a reliable and reputable supplier in the industry.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our focus remains on innovation and customer-centricity. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and consistently expanding our product offerings, we empower jewelry makers to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding entrepreneur, DOKI DECOR is here to support you on your journey to success.

Join us as we embark on the next chapter of our story. With DOKI DECOR, the possibilities are endless, and the craftsmanship is unparalleled.