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Jewelry For Anniversary Gifts

Jewelry For Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to picking out anniversary gifts, you want to choose something that's both meaningful and special. Jewelry for anniversary gifts while traditional gift ideas for different anniversaries — like diamonds for the 10th, rubies for the 15th and cotton for the second — are helpful to guide your decision, it's important to keep in mind that a thoughtful gift should be given based on your partner's personality and interests.

Jewelry is an excellent way to show your love, and the best pieces often feature sentimental meanings and symbols. Jewelry for anniversary gifts adding a personalized engraving or custom design cranks up the sentiment factor, making it even more thoughtful and memorable.

Whether you're looking for a simple, masculine ring or a gorgeous piece of jewelry that commemorates the years you've been together, there's something for everyone on this list. Jewelry for anniversary gifts read ahead to find a few anniversary gifts you can buy your beloved that will be sure to make them smile.

Diamonds are the traditional gemstone for the tenth anniversary, but if you're shopping for a ring or bracelet, this diamond-free piece from Ring Concierge is a great option. It's crafted with a combination of tungsten and burnt whiskey barrel shavings, making it an unexpected and totally unique gift.

A classic choice for the 15th anniversary is rubies, which are believed to symbolize passion and love. This ring from Brilliant Earth is a great alternative to traditional diamond jewelry and features an etched landscape of various mountain ranges (Everest, Grand Teton, Rockies and Yosemite), nodding to your partner's love for outdoor adventure.

Garnet, the traditional second-year gift, is a natural beauty and a symbol of loyalty. Consider combining this ring with a matching necklace or earrings for an elegant look.

If you're celebrating your fourth anniversary, light blue is the gemstone of choice, and there are tons of options to choose from. From sky-blue aquamarine to mystical blue lapis lazuli, you can select a bauble that's perfect for her personality and style.

After several years — or a decade — of marriage, you've built a beautiful life together that may include kids and pets. Help your spouse pay tribute to their family with this jewelry anniversary gift that can be customized with up to seven silver- or gold-toned beads featuring their loved ones' names. It's the ultimate way to keep them close to their heart at all times. You can also opt for a more minimalistic approach with this leather bracelet, which has just one name engraved in Roman numerals on the side.

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