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Findings and Components - The Nuts and Bolts of Beading

Findings and Components - The Nuts and Bolts of Beading

Findings and components are the nuts and bolts of jewellery making – the elements used to create, connect and embellish a piece.findings and components They are an essential tool in any beading kit, helping to ensure that all your hard work comes together to form a beautiful and captivating design.

A wide variety of findings and components are available for use in your designs, including clasps (including lobster claws), ear wires, beads caps, toggles, links, jump rings, crimps, and more.findings and components It is important to consider the type of jewellery you wish to make when choosing your jewellery findings as this will help determine what you need. For example, a set of earrings will need ear wires, while a necklace will require clasps and jump rings.

Jewelry findings are usually made from metal, such as copper, brass and sterling silver and can be found in a range of different finishes, with some of the most popular being gold plated, silver plated and black antique. You will also find findings and components that are made from other materials such as stone and wood, but these tend to be less commonly used in jewellery making.

The most common of all the jewellery findings is the ring finding, which can be found in a selection of shapes and sizes to fit different styles of earring designs. The ring finding is a basic element which is often used in macrame, but it can also be found in a range of other designs including bangles and Pandora style bracelets.

Another essential beading finding is the cord or ribbon end, which helps to hold strands of cord together. These findings are cylindrical, and they can either be simply squeezed or glued to keep strands in place. They are a particularly useful component in kumihimo work, where multiple cords are woven together and then brought together with a clasp or a jump ring.

Other jewellery finding include crimp beads, crimp covers and wire protectors, all of which can be squashed down onto jewellery wire to secure the ends of beaded strands in place. Alternatively, you can also use these jewellery findings to embellish and add structure to designs by attaching them to a jump ring or a chain tab.

These are a great option for adding some extra security to your designs, and they are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and carats. You can also find them in various finishes, so they can be soldered on to other jewellery findings. These are ideal for securing emotional gems such as charms and gemstones, but they are also perfect for securing beads in necklaces or rings. Finally, you will also find collets, which are designed to keep a pendant in place and are also available in a range of colours, sizes and carats.

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